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“Jeremy Young brings sparkle and a real sense of narrative to the virtuosic piano part”

BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE 2022 (CD recording of William Sterndale Bennett with Villiers Quartet)

“Young matches her with a prodigious technique that demonstrates the full range of his artistry and his piano’s capabilities. -this latest entry by Sadie Fields and Jeremy Young is definitely one I shall be keeping and returning to often. Very strongly recommended “

FANFARE MAGAZINE (USA) (CD recording of Brahms Sonatas for Violin and Piano- Champs Hill)

Mr Qin and his pianist, Jeremy Young opened the program with a lush account of a Boccherini sonata in A, They also collaborated on a suave rendering of Beethoven's Sonata in D,"

THE NEW YORK TIMES (Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center)

“First mention must go to British pianist Jeremy Young, who had the far more notes to conquer and was every part the perfect collaborator. Often the protagonist and agent provocateur, he set the pulse of these masterpieces, which paced from arch solemnity to unbridled joie de vivre. 

THE STRAITS TIMES (SINGAPORE) 2009 (The Complete Beethoven Piano and Cello sonatas with Liwei Qin)

"Britten’s sonata, brilliantly written for the cello, deserves more frequent airings in the concert hall. It deploys a wide variety of techniques, and the musical fabric is closely worked, making for a compelling narrative. This well-rehearsed pair of players is eloquent and lyrical in the Elegy and is equally persuasive in the brittle Marcia, as well as offering an exciting and high-voltage interpretation of the saltando-clad Moto perpetuo. 

By comparison, Shostakovich’s sonata is no stranger to the limelight, and is much recorded. Yet this account is unmannered, and adherence to the text is here of paramount concern. These artists give a particularly striking and vibrant performance: they are energetic and full of bravura in the Scherzo, and melancholically lyrical in the Largo. The finale is particularly brilliant, savouring the vintage Shostakovich wit and irony."

THE STRAD  (with cellist Karine Georgian Somm Records)

"a player of natural ebullience, he was stylish all evening"

THE YORKSIRE POST (piano recital at Harrogate International Festival)


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